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  • remember i'm on hiatus. your msg will be passed along to me through my friend but you may not receive a reply for some time. xx

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    the abc’s of Kim Kibum [complete] 

    10 things I hate about you |  A story of every Closet Blinger’s worst nightmare [complete]

    10 things I haTE about Oh Sehun | A story of the downfall of my sanity [incomplete]

    I am currently on a HIATUS but my blog is not. You can read here

sehun getting his makeup done

    Yo eggniss wassup ㄱ ㅡ ㄱ

    — Anonymous

    An onion can make people cry but there’s never been a vegetable that can make people laugh.”

    —Will Rogers

    u can check out blogs?

    — Anonymous

    Sorry! I don’t have time to so such things right now plus I have done so in the past few weeks. I really already follow a fabulous bunch of blogs and everything comes to my dashboard eventually. But you can ask again in a month or so when I’m not so busy? Sorry :(

    Can I please request something, where you say "I love you" to Luhan for the first time and he gets a little upset because he wanted to say it first. Thank u.

    — Anonymous


    So because i’ve been a little lazy shit ~ I wanted to get this one out quickly. Plus it was super fun and cute. 
    Hope you like it, and sorry for being a lazy bum. ~Erin 


    Bad Timing - Luhan

    His eyes were glued to the tv screen, his mouth making chewing movements as he absently munched on some popcorn. Your hands were shaking so much that you had to sit on them. The air was warm in the apartment, so it had to be the adrenaline building in your veins that made you shiver. Just say it. This was the right time, right? Yes. No…Yes. No, yes this was the perfect time. You smiled a little as the emotion flowed through you.

                  “Luhan?” You said softly.

                  “Mmm?” He didn’t turn his head.


                  He sighed a little bit, but turned his face to you. “Yes?” He said.

                  You swallowed, this was harder than it should be.

                  “I love you.” The words slipped out in a jumble, and you weren’t sure they had even made sense, so you figured you had to say it again. “Luhan I love you.”

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